Doodled Stationery

In my ongoing search for stationery, I became a little frustrated at the lack of pretty writing papers out there. I found some cheap writing paper here and there, some printable papers online, and tried to create something cool on my computer, but it was way too much work.  So…I took some smooth text weight paper and began to doodle. I am not an artist, which is why I love my stamps, but doodling is pretty simple. No rules, just play. With no real goal in mind and inexpensive paper, I couldn’t really fail. This is what happened:


I used a Pigma pen for the doodling and Copic markers for the coloring. Hubby scanned it, we color corrected it a bit, added some lines (not shown here, but I’m sloppy without them), and took it to a local printer to get copies made. Voila! Custom stationery! They used a 24# bond paper and I wish I had found the 28#  paper before I had them printed. The 24# is not fountain pen friendly at all, I’m afraid, but the 28# is pretty good with fountain pens. I did print a few on our color printer, but ink for that thing is so pricey and the colors didn’t print as vibrantly, so I didn’t go too crazy with it. The paper is a Staples brand, Bright White Laser Paper. I was a little surprised at the quality, it’s a really nice paper at a reasonable price. If I need any more copies of this stationery, I will take my paper with me.

I’m looking forward to doing a little more doodled writing paper soon. You should try it. It’s lots of fun and you might be surprised what you come up with.


  1. Really cool! I love this kind of thing (as you know!) and this looks really professional. Nice job!

  2. I love making my own stationery, although, thanks to the thrift and consignment stores in Portland, I have enough paper to last me until . . . . well, let's just hope I can live to be 300. Anyway, this is gorgeous! You should be very proud of it. Will send a letter soon.

  3. Nicely done! That's very pretty and cheery! Hmm.. perhaps I should venture into this field :) Thanks for the suggestion and how-to guide!

  4. Um yeah you are an Artist :-)
    Love the Doodle stationery have you scanned it so you can print volumes?

  5. Jackie, this is great -- so simple and so lovely. I really appreciate that you shared the steps you took to make and print your stationery, as well as suggestions for what you'd do differently next time. Thank you!