A couple of random things

Michael’s has some interesting things in their bargain bins sometimes, which is where I found this colorful paper. It had magnets on the back, which I removed and saved (obviously in case of a magnet shortage someday), and I use it for writing letters. It does limit the ink colors that can be used, but I pretty well have that area covered. It is NOT fountain pen friendly, though, it’s much too thin and absorbent. I love the colorful parrot and the variation of colors behind the lines. Not a bad deal for a few bucks.


I was just browsing, window shopping if you will, at JetPens.com and came across a few things I needed. I have several Pilot Maica pens, but didn’t have a green one - that will never do. Add to cart. It’s a lovely shade of green, too. Then I saw that they had new colors of Pilot Juice pens - well, what was I to do but add them, too? I wish I had paid attention to what I was doing because I meant to get them both in the .5mm tip and ended up with the Rose in .38mm. No worries, I love them both and will use them both. The turquoise looks more blue than my idea of turquoise, but it’s still a pretty color. I have a wish list at JetPens.com a mile long, and it gets longer every time I visit. It’s good to have something to look forward to, don’t you think?


Until next time…happy inking.

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