Letter Writing Goodies

I have quite a few pen friends so I am always on the lookout for writing paper, postal themed stamps, washi tape, etc. I was lucky to find some stationery in Colorado, but I can always use more, so whenever I go to Michael’s I check the dollar bins. It’s not high quality paper, for sure, but if I can use it to write a letter, it’s good enough.

These little notepads were in the dollar bin, marked down from $2, I think. They are only 5 x 7 and the paper is fairly thin, but I love the covers.  Strangely enough, they have lines on both sides of the paper. The lines are dark and really close together, too, so a fine line pen or nib is the only thing I will be able to use with them. Fortunately, I have plenty of those!

DSCN4037               DSCN4039            DSCN4040                DSCN4042

Here is the inside of the one with the sheep on the cover. Cows and sheep, with orange lines. Cute, right? Not exactly my style, but I’m flexible.


I apologize for the out of focus photo. This is the inside of the other ones – they are all the same. Really wide, black lines on both sides of the paper, decorated with tea cups.


While wandering around Staples one day (I love office supplies!) I found this beautiful paper, and matching envelopes. It was over in the letterhead section. Meant for computer generated letters or newsletters, I’m sure.


Because I tend to get sloppy without lines on the paper, I added some lines to some sheets with MS Word. I left most of them blank, and will see if I can improve my writing-in-a-straight-line skills. The paper is kind of busy, so a medium tip pen with black or dark blue ink is necessary. The design is a bit softer in real life, I don’t know why it looks so bold in the photo.

Anyway, For those of you who like to stamp on letters and envelopes, take a look at this lovely stamp set from Avery Elle. It’s appropriately named Air Mail. And look, there is even an Air Mail stamp along with the other wonderful stamps in the set. The Post Office is a little stingy with their air mail stickers, so I was glad to see this set! Besides stamping on envelopes, you could make your own “Just a Note” stationery or note cards. This set has a lot of possibilities, some of which I hope to feature on my other blog, Just Stamp It!, in the near future. Avery Elle is a small internet based business and their customer service is second to none. The stamps are excellent quality and competitively priced. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for stamps. I am not affiliated with the company, just a satisfied customer.


Washi tape - who doesn’t love washi tape? It’s all the rage right now, it’s everywhere. A friend sent me a link to this new washi tape by Freckled Fawn on the Simon Says Stamp website. It’s the next best thing to an actual official PO air mail sticker! I don’t have it yet because I’m not willing to pay $5.99 to ship one roll of tape. So I will wait until I need a few other things to make it worth the shipping cost. I wish online stores would offer different shipping methods for small items like this instead of having a flat rate. A roll of the tape is only $2.99, why would I pay $5.99 shipping? No one locally carries it, either, unfortunately. So, it’s on my wish list for now – and it’s a loooong list.


That’s all I’ve got for today, folks. I hope you found something useful here and will stop back again soon. Please leave a comment now and then so I will know I am not out here all alone :-)


  1. Yaaay goodies! I love seeing everyone else's goodies and hauls! Rats that is some cute washi tape... I love Freckled Fawn. Never bought anything there but I drool over the stuff on there pretty regularly hehe.

  2. I hope I can find those little notebooks. The fact that they are top-bound is a plus!