Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook

I was on of the lucky winners of an Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook from the Shoplet blog recently. What is a crossover notebook, you ask? I wondered the same thing. I have heard of crossover vehicles, but never a crossover notebook. The information on their website say this about that:

The old way of organizing your notebook is a thing of the past. The Versa™ Notebook's "cross-over" design takes the best of notebooks, binders and dividers and puts it all in one.

Write in it like a notebook. Move things around like a binder. Find and add notes as needed. It's your organizational destiny.

And on the Shoplet website it says:

Updated "crossover" design features the best of a notebook, binder and divider in one. Reposition materials without opening or closing rings. Dual pocket poly divider holds papers, lists or references while three additional dividers help separate subjects or indicate next clean sheet. Includes 30 sticky notes and 105 flags to quickly highlight or label high-priority tasks and to-do's. Fold-out back cover with built-in storage pocket.

Mine is navy blue and measures 6-3/8” x 8-3/4” and the pages are 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”. The front and back covers, as well as the dividers are made of sturdy heavyweight poly. Unfortunately it isn’t recycled material.



Sticky notes and flags for organization.


  Wide ruled pages that are perforated, so I can use them to write letters, too. I hate the ragged edges you get when you tear pages out of spiral notebooks. Even though these come out without being torn, I still prefer a clean edge on the paper. Don’t judge me :-)



I tested some of my favorite pens on the paper and other than some feathering and a little bleedthrough with the Platinum Preppy, I am really happy with it. It’s very smooth, not flimsy or thin at all. Some notebook papers are too lightweight for anything but taking quick notes with ballpoint pens or pencils, but they didn’t skimp on the paper in this one.


You can barely see the bleedthrough from the Preppy here:


Three dividers in the back that can be positioned and repositioned as you like.


Two storage pockets in the back.


I really like this little notebook and I think it will come in very handy - whether it’s keeping notes, keeping track of a budget or organizing a daily schedule, or even using it to write letters and make notes about my pen friends. Refills are available in either wide ruled paper or graph paper. The notebook isn’t inexpensive, at $11.56 from the Shoplet website, but once you have the notebook all you’d really need to buy are refills.

Thank you, Shoplet!

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