Winning notebooks and a couple of cool postcards

I wanted to show you these cool postcards received from a pen pal. She did the artwork herself and I love her “berds”. They are 2 separate postcards - one asks the question, and another answers it. Apparently the postal service machines got a little over aggressive with the first one - why put the postmark on the wrong side of the card? Great job, PO!  At least they got the second one right.

A month or so ago, I entered a contest on the Office Supply Geek website - and I won! What did I win, you ask? Why, I won these cute little notebooks. They are made by Ink Journal and there are 3 of them, all the same. They’re just the right size for carrying in a pocket or purse, as you can see by the business card next to them for reference.
I suppose they are meant for cataloging one’s ink collection, but mine is pretty nonexistent at the moment. I have a couple of sample vials from Goulet Pens and some cartridges. Not exactly a collection. But they are good for taking notes, making short shopping lists, adding to one’s wish list…that sort of thing.
Instead of lines, they have lines of dots on the pages - pretty close together lines, too. I used one for writing a letter to a pen pal a few weeks ago, but I had to ignore the dotted lines. I can’t write that small for long. I think they are more of a suggestion than a rule (yes, pun intended). The paper is very nice, smooth and fountain pen friendly. So, thank you, Brian Greene, Mr. Office Supply Geek! Hop on over and check them out. He has reviews for all sorts of writing paraphernalia and he has a monthly giveaway, too.


  1. I love small notebooks like these but I never know exactly what to do with them. (I suppose that means I have way more than I need!) Congrats on your win -- that's always exciting!