Lamy Safari

After reading so many good reviews and opinions about the Lamy Safari, I decided I needed one. The reviews were spot on - I love it! They're not expensive - $28 at I bought the Lime Green with an XF nib. I didn't see this one there anymore, it might have been a limited release. But they do have a gorgeous bright yellow one, as well as several other colors.

It comes in a pretty ordinary box, but I am interested in the pen, not the box! I have heard that some people don't care for the molded grip, but it feels very comfortable in my hand, so that's not a problem for me. It actually helps me hold it properly and I didn't find it awkward at all.

It has a fairly lightweight plastic body, and slits in the sides so you can see the ink level. That also doesn't allow it to be made into an eyedropper pen, but I'm fine with using cartridges. I can always fill them with different inks once they're empty. And once I have some bottles of ink with which to fill them. I'm working up to that slowly.

It also came with an ordinary blue cartridge, but I ordered violet and turquoise cartridges - blue is boring. The violet ink changes color as it dries, which I found fascinating for some reason.

Speaking of fountain pens, I watched a video about how to flush a fountain pen at Goulet Pens and decided I needed a bulb syringe, like the one they used. You know, the kind you use to suck the snot out of a baby's nose? I know, that's gross, but that's what they are for! Anyway, you'd think that is a fairly common item in drugstores, wouldn't you? HA! I went to Walgreens, CVS, Food Lion, and finally ended up at Target. CVS and Walgreens only had kits with more stuff than I needed. After wandering the aisles in the pharmacy section at Target and not finding any, I asked a handsome, young Target employee where I might find them. He said, "They are over in the Infants section - you'll see infants hanging from the ceiling (pointing towards it)." HAHAHAHA! I couldn't resist..."You have infants hanging from the ceiling??", I said. Yes, I knew he meant a SIGN saying "Infants"...but that's not what he said, is it? ;-) So I schlepped all of the way over to where these poor infants were and found one - at last! It's a smaller pink one - I guess they don't make the big blue ones anymore. I snipped the tip of it off a little, and it works just fine. Mission accomplished. And no infants were harmed, I promise.