Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pens

I think these little pens are just adorable! They have a fine nib, they’re portable, lightweight and I think they write really well. The only one I had a bit of an issue with was the Baby Pink, but I think it’s that the ink is so light, it just seemed to not be flowing well. That one was also a little scratchier on the paper than the others. I may have to convert that one to an eyedropper pen and see what happens.
They are available in eight gorgeous colors. I chose Baby Pink, Clear Blue, Apple Green, and Apricot Orange.
IMG_0044 - CopyIMG_0053
I love that the back of the nib (I’m not sure what that’s called) is clear and when the ink fills it, it matches the body of the pen. Providing, of course, that the ink actually IN the pen matches the color of the body.
IMG_0055 - Copy
They are quite compact at 4.2” when capped and only 5.2” when the cap is posted. The cap snaps on securely and I didn’t have any trouble with it falling off. They felt very comfortable in my hand and although the ink cartridges are rather small, I have written several long-winded letters and haven’t had to replace the cartridge yet.
If you click on the picture you can enlarge it to see it a bit better, but the ink colors are quite lovely!
Here is a picture of all of the colors available (The photo is from the JetPens.com website). I think they are wonderful little pens for the money and I really enjoy using them. When I convert one to an eyedropper pen I will let you know how that goes.


  1. These look like fun! For the "scratchy" nib, try rubbing it on a smooth sharpening stone. I have a little one for my calligraphy nibs (that I rarely use), and it works great.

  2. I love these. Great for the money! I would reccomend these for literally everyone (if they don't mind the smallness).

  3. Very pretty - I love your pictures! Ditto what Dixie said - you could also use the polishing side of a nail buffer stick, or 12,000 micromesh if you happen to have some of that kicking around for whatever reason :) Just make sure to use it wet!