And now for something a little different…

I received this lovely card and envelope from The Modest Peacock, one of my Month of Letters correspondents, a week or so ago – isn’t it beautiful? I don’t know which I like more, the card or the envelope!


I asked her where she found this gorgeous notecard set (by Pooch & Sweetheart) and she suggested Ross (the Dress for Less place). So, I set out in search of it. Ross had a couple of other Pooch & Sweetheart sets, but not the peacock. I checked TJ Maxx, too – nada. I finally found these lovelies at HomeGoods – the label on the back of the box says Punch Studio. The peacock card and envelope do not begin to compare to the one I received, but they are still beautiful, as are the other sets. I know, I know, I have more than enough stamps, inks, paper, etc. to make my own cards, but sometimes I just want to use something different. And to be honest, my mojo takes a vacation sometimes, or I get lazy and don’t feel like making anything. Each set has 12 cards and envelopes and I paid $3.99 for each one. At 5” x 3-1/2” folded, they are smaller than the other one (it’s 5-1/2” x 4-1/4” folded), but I can always enclose separate sheets of paper if I get long winded – which I do most of the time. I figure if I’m gonna write a letter, I might as well write a long letter! Or it could be that I just don’t know when to shut up… like now, for instance.


These are a wee bit smaller than the other cards but they are adorable and I couldn’t resist. The envelopes are just plain pink, no pretty matching designs on these. They were $4.99 for 20 cards and envelopes and the label on the box says Graphique.


Just one more thing… someone on the Month of Letters forum posted a link to an online store that sells flexible/mailable (is that a word?) sealing wax and seals. I have added the  link to the right sidebar – Nostalgic Impressions. I placed a small-ish order and will report back as soon as I have tried them. Their prices are reasonable and they offer free shipping on any order over $30, which is nice. I just ordered yesterday, so I’ll let you know how long it takes to arrive.


  1. Oooooh! Those Punch Studio ones are lovely!!! I'm glad you received and liked the one I sent! I have a couple of Punch Studio sets myself, and although they are pretty I do have to admit that I like the Pooch and Sweetheart ones a bit better. I'm glad you could find some new stationery goodies! And thank you for such a kind mention! :)

  2. Lovely note cards, I love them all but the first on from The Modest Peacock is just stunning.

  3. The Punch brand notecards are sometimes also available at Tuesday Morning. When I see them I pick them up, as I too, love the envelopes.

  4. I love the Punch studio stationery so much! Unfortunately it's not available in Russia at all.