Pentel Prize Package

The other day Pentel sent out a tweet and asked their followers to tweet one of their favorite Pentel products to be entered into a drawing for a Pentel prize. I am a fan of Pentel, they make some wonderful pens, and since I am never one to turn down a shot at a free pen, I tweeted. And I won! I was expecting to wait a while for the package and I thought it might be one pen, maybe two at the most, but that was fine with me.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when the mail arrived today! This is what they sent:

Wow! This is a nice prize package! A set of Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica pens 0.4 - 0.6 tips, 2 Finito! X-tra fine Porous Point Tip pens (one black and one red) a Twist-Erase automatic pencil, and a cute little 1GB flash drive in the shape of a pen... and on a lanyard! Thank you, Pentel!

The Hybrid Technica pens will work well for my doodling. They skipped a bit at first, but they just needed a little breaking in and now they're fine.

 I haven't had a porous tip pen in a long time and it's good to see they have changed a bit. The tip is firmer and doesn't squish when I write with it. They aren't felt tips, they are hard plastic.

See that spring in the cap? The tip sits in an indentation and when the pen is capped, the spring compresses. That is to keep out any air, I suppose, and I don't think drying out will be a problem at all.

Nice fine tips! I like 'em.

To be honest, I took me a few minutes to figure out what this was. It's a rubbery pen shaped thing, with no discernible break in it, so I thought it might be an eraser. Nope. On closer inspection (as in, with my glasses ON), I did see a little line near the tip and when I twisted it, the end came off to reveal a flash drive. How cool is that?

Some samples written with each one. Thanks again, Pentel!


  1. Nice!! What a great team :) Those are some yummy goodies :)

  2. I love giveaways and that's a nice one - Pentel was very generous. Congratulations. :)

  3. Congrats on the win, the flash drive is so cool. The samples of the inks all look clear with no running or smears. Thanks for sharing