Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica Review

As soon as I saw these on JStationery.com I knew I had to have them. I love shiny things and pens, and these are the best of both worlds. They are gorgeous!

The body is still plastic, which is what keeps them lightweight, but it has a beautiful metallic finish and that pretty M logo on it. The color coordinated cap is faceted, has the tip size printed on it, and even has a little loop that you could use for charms, or attaching a lanyard, and posts securely with a little click. I think I need to find my beading supplies! I would hate for someone to try to steal one of these from me! That would not end well, believe me.


These are the 5 colors I started with – Apricot Orange, Light Blue, Pink, Violet, and Brown (top to bottom). I have a few more on my wish list.


I didn’t find any of the colors too light for writing with, they are all perfect. They may not do as well on anything but white or beige paper, but I think most gel ink colors look best on light colored paper anyway, unless they are made for darker paper, like the Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight pens.


The 0.4mm needle tip doesn’t clog and didn’t feel the least bit scratchy on the paper, even the cheap paper pads from Michael’s. You can see the loop on the cap a little better in this photo, too.


They are a little longer than the regular Hi-Tec C but about 1/2”. The Hi-Tec C is just a shade over 5-1/4” and these measure 5-3/4” capped.


I can’t testify to the wear on the metallic finish, since I haven’t had them very long but I don’t think that will be an issue. The bar code label is printed on the barrel, which annoys me a bit, but it’s around the side and not all bothersome.

I can’t say enough good things about this pen. They are inexpensive ($2.25 at JStationery.com), very pretty, the inks colors are lovely, and they write really well.  They are available is 12 colors – Baby Pink, Blue, Blue Black, Black, Orange, Green, Red, and the ones featured here – Apricot Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Violet, and Brown. All of the colors are also available in a 0.3mm tip.

I found this photo on the JStationery.com site. It shows all of the colors and how pretty the caps are.


So pop on over there and order some for yourself – you know you want to! I am not affiliated with JStationery.com in any way, I an just a satisfied customer.


  1. PRETTY! I am such a stationery geek. I have eleventy-billion pens and it's never enough. I got your lovely letter today and will be writing back very soon! <3 :)

  2. Those are very pretty and they look comfortable too. (I find all the little ridges in the grip section of some of my older Hi-Tec-C's kind of uncomfortable.) Very tempting....
    And I'm glad to see more people promoting JStationery - I've been a satisfied customer for a couple years now & want them to stay in business. :)

  3. Lovely color choices! And your writing is very pretty! I have a few of these on my wishlist and will have to get some soon. Just waiting until my order is big enough to be reasonable... although that seems silly....