Lots of Notecards

I got a new stamp and actually inked it up the next day! My usual method is to drool over something, procrastinate about buying it, give in and buy it, then let it gather dust for weeks on end. Not this time, though. I’m proud of myself :-) I saw this stamp and knew it would be perfect for my letter writing. I used some patterned paper that is white on the opposite side for the notecard base. I have plenty of that, so there’s no reason I can’t make lots of these.

Hero Arts Hello Grid stamp and Green Hills Mid Tone ink.


Same stamp and Hero Arts Orange Soda Mid Tone ink.


I bought a package of kraft notecards at Hobby Lobby a while back just for the envelopes, only to find that they aren’t the right size for a standard A2 card. I can use them for letters, though. I had no intentions of using the notecards until I received a letter from a pen friend with a cute typewriter embossed in silver on the front. A light bulb went off in my poor little brain.

Since I’m too lazy to get out the embossing powder, anti-static pad, and the heat tool, I just grabbed my Hero Arts Black ink and went to town. Figuratively speaking, of course. I couldn’t actually stamp on the way into town, could I? That would be dangerous. No stamping and driving. Promise? Good.


I’m not sure about the neon dots on this card. I only used them on one, and left the others nekkid - well, aside from the stamp. So maybe they’re semi-nekkid.



Next time I will stamp this one vertically and add the “Hello” stamp from the card above, so it looks more balanced. I love this Kliban cat.


This little kitty is just too cute. He would look better embossed in clear, but my black pigment ink pads may have dried up from neglect. I’ll check on that and report back.


That was my project for today. I stamped several of each design so now I have a nice stash of notecards. I have some new things coming soon, so I hope to knock the cobwebs off of this blog and post a little more often.

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  1. I like the neon dots. They say "festive!" Had to enlarge the image. I thought they were drinking 'ritas! I like the hello stamp, too.

    Looking forward to new posts. I'm closing the gap between my unread blogs list. A lot of good stuff has gone on while I was away. Catching up is fun.