Washi Tape Cards and Lovely Pen Friends Letters

I have expanded my washi tape collection and needed a few cards I could use for the Month of Letters challenge, so I whipped these up the other day.

They are just so easy to make - a little washi tape, my favorite hello die, and a bit of card stock and voila - done!

I have been receiving lots of fun letters from current pen friends and new ones, as well. I don’t usually post things that I’ve received but these were too wonderful not to share.

I won’t post any names, but if you read my blog you know who you are :-)

First is a fabulous watercolor and calligraphy card from a calligrapher pen friend. I love this! It almost makes me want to get my watercolors out and play. Of course, there would be stamps instead of calligraphy on anything I made - I admire anyone who can write this beautifully.


This card came from an overseas pen friend. The card is beautiful and inside were the little Eiffel Tower post it flags! They are so cute!



Last but never, ever least is this wonderful package from a sweet pen friend in Oregon. Her envelopes are always decorated so beautifully and they make me smile even before I open them.


This little dimensional sticker was on the outside and survived the trip intact!


Inside was this booklet letter, complete with a pretty satin bow. It’s awesome!


I love going to my mailbox - well, sending my husband to the mailbox - and finding letters. They are beginning to outnumber the junk mail!

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  1. Lovely mail!! Love the watercolors and calligraphy. I am with you, though. I would have to use stamps! :) Obviously I need to step it up a bit with the mail art to compete with your other pals. :D I'll work on that.