Month of Letters 2014 has begun!

I am well aware that this blog has been sadly neglected and for that I apologize. My plan was to photograph and review pens, paper, ink, etc., but it just hasn't happened for a while. One reason is that I haven't gotten very much new stuff to review, or if I have gotten a new pen someone way more popular and more widely read has just reviewed it, so what's the point? Ok, maybe that's more of an excuse than an actual reason.

Anyway, I plan to participate in the Month of Letters challenge again this year. Last year I connected with a lot of new pen friends, some of which have turned into ongoing postal - and personal - relationships and some fell by the wayside, but it's all good. It's a bit like dating, in a way. You exchange a few letters and things seem to be clicking, but after a while you run out of things to say and find that you didn't have as much in common as you thought. Or life gets in the way and  people get busy. That's ok, it's just the way it works, I think. I enjoyed every single letter I received and I hope mine were well received, too.

Over the past year I have acquired some lovely pens, made a LOT of envelopes, created some of my own stationery, jumped on the washi tape bandwagon (quick and easy way to decorate envelopes and stationery), discovered a lot about fountain pens and their quirks, and even bought 2 whole bottles of ink. T W O! Woohoo! It's a commitment, and one not to be taken lightly,  mind you. I buy a sample vial from Goulet Pens to test it out or, in the case of the 2 bottles I purchased, a friend will use a particular ink in a letter and having seen it in person rather than on a computer screen, I must have it!

If I have any readers left (thanks for hanging in there!) that are not already involved with the Month of Letters, click the link above or the image on the right sidebar for more information on this wonderful project. InCoWriMo gets a lot of publicity and it's a wonderful idea, but MoL is definitely worth investigating if you are in the market for some new pen friends.

Happy Month of Letters, everyone!


  1. I recently discovered I bought some Washi tape last year and forgot all about it, I'm going to give a a try this year. Happy Writing

  2. Glad that you're joining in, Jackie! I'm also glad that you mentioned InCoWriMo -- I always forget about it. But to me, LetterMo seems much friendlier and much more grassroots. (And InCoWriMo smells a little bit like a bunch of people trying to sell more pens and ink.)

  3. Totally disregarding letters right now - I think you should always review what you have, even if someone else has already reviewed it :) Everyone brings a different perspective that even a "bigger" reviewer might have overlooked or may not even have considered. I learn a lot from reading new reviews from new bloggers as well as from experienced bloggers. So personally, I'm here to root you on to review everything you have anyway, even if there's always a review (or many) out there!

    And to Randall - no, InCoWriMo is not about selling pens and ink. It was started by FPGeeks and we don't sell pens and ink! It's about getting to USE your pens and ink and paper, and about meeting other people through snail mail! If retailers jump on board to take advantage of it, that's up to them, but it was started by a bunch of pen geeks, and it's continued on by a bunch more of pen geeks.