Look What I Found!

I was searching for who-knows-what in the closet and I found this baby!!


Yes, it’s a small wooden lap desk which was a gift from a friend at least 10 years ago. She painted it, stamped it, and put a durable lacquer finish on it - it looks like the day I got it!  I had completely forgotten about it and I was so glad to find it that I totally forgot whatever else it was that I was searching for. I’m sure I will remember someday, but for now I am enjoying a visit with this lovely piece of functional art.

She even painted my initials on the inside of the lid and there is a cushioned felt pad in the bottom.


Here is a closer look at the stamping. Isn’t it gorgeous? It measures 11-1/4” x 9-1/2” and is 3” tall in the back. It slopes down slightly in the front, the way a good lap desk should. It sits perfectly on my lap and is just the right angle for writing comfortably. It’s a little tricky to use full 8-1/2 x 11 sheets on it, but it can be done. I don’t think you can even buy unfinished pieces like this any more. It may have come from a Hobby Lobby, or some similar craft store, but I haven’t seen one in any craft stores in recent years.


Inside, I found this. Yep, writing paper - with lines, thank you very much. I have NO idea where I bought this, but since paper like this seems to have gone extinct I can only guess at its age. It’s old. very old. Sorta like me :-)


I’ve never been one for plain ol’ white paper and I know I bought it because of the lovely rainbow colored sheets. It’s thin, cheap paper but I imagine it came from somewhere like Eckerd’s or maybe even K-Mart back in the day, and was probably pretty inexpensive. Not meant for fountain pen ink, I’m sure. But it will get used soon. Gel pens should work just fine on it.


I am off to write some more letters… I’ll see you in the mailbox.


  1. Ooh. Love the paper! And what a treasure to find in your closet. I bet it sees some activity!

  2. I used a rainbow pad (at least that's what we called them) like your paper back in uni! They were a lot like the yellow legal pad, except they came in pink, blue, green and yellow in a pad.